Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tuesday October 3rd, 2017 (Everything The News Tells You Is Fabricated)

So while my paranoid grandparents were reading the newspaper this morning they of course saw something that trump did that you don't approve of. So they began complaining as usual.

and it really made me think.... how is the newspaper any different than teens in high school spreading gossip?

Well you see, there aren't any differences

the news makes dumb people focus on what other people are doing, instead of you focusing on yourself and improving yourself :)

Let me explain this, because more than likely your a brainwashed idiot that watches the news and panics any chance they get :D

ok please explain...

Well when kids or teens or sad middle aged women complain and gossip behind other peoples backs, it creates tension and they start wanting more and more of it to distract them from their actual problems,.

WHEN the NEWS makes things up and talks bad about politicians you start wanting to know more about it, so you either read or watch it on tv.

this is where things start getting kind of funny. 

when something north Korea says to scare Americans, trump who is paid by the elites to make jokes and offend people will make fun of Russian or kim JUNG UNNG

when honestly no one really gives a shit what another country did, but the news tells people they need to care with NLP and slow brainwashing.

NLP is a type of mind control that they use on people and marketers use it to make sales, NLP is basically anchoring peoples thoughts with certain planned words and body language. It is essentially taking control of someones unconscious mind and making them think a certain way with emotion.

the unconscious mind is EASILY controlled by fear, the more the news feeds us fear, the more interested we become because the unconscious mind controls, motor skills, survival, fight or flight, automatic movements and emotions. so when you control that, you control the population. 

the news is fabricated to scare you. recently there was a massacre on the news where a man shot like 60 people, but they didn't show the bodies or the families, they just talked about it and it played with your emotion.

The news will either show a body but no face or show nothing but a speech on how sad they feel, when really it never actually happened. and if it did, it was planned by the elites. 

there are elites in every country. not just USA, we think that were all fighting a war on terror, but theres no terror actually happening. or else there would be nothing to fear, and the news wouldn't make money. cause in the end, none of the people controlling our country care about us. They care about the profit they can make off of us.

this video explains EVERYTHING!

We Can Change This World For The Better If Everyone Helps
Spread The Truth...

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday, September 9th 2017 (HOW TELEVISION CONTROLS YOU)

I want to start out by first telling you.... the following

any form of repeated visual or auditory imagery is considered a subliminal message. so when you watch, see, or hear something from an advertisement or tv show or movie, you are slowly but steadily growing new brain synapses to believe and remember that information your brain is absorbing from media.(눈_눈)/ <(〠_〠<)

whenever I'm in a public place now with people i know or don't know and i hear them talking about tv shows and although there fun to watch, I quit watching almost 2 years ago to this day.

If you haven't learned yet, TELL-A-VISION is called that because their telling you their vision. TELEVISION. You are instead of seeing through your eyes, your learning things that have no benefit to your lives. Most things in modern day tv are just violent and pointless. when you could be researching, reading a book and learning something useful or watching positivity subliminal on youtube to improve your life. (ಢ⊱ಢ 。)

so choose now. 

keep watching mindless TV? ᗜੂ௰ᗜੂ


begin reading and watching things that will improve your life (ಠ.ಠ)

I remember when i first had to get off the Netflix binding wagon.  I used to use that excuse too,     - "I DONT WATCH TV, I WATCH NETFLIX" 



ok ok, we'll get back to the point. 

Televisions give off Alpha waves to our brains which slightly shits off our pre-frontalcortex(the front parts of our brains that control judgement and decision making)

when this is turned off, subliminals, i mean television(same thing) can get through to your subconscious(back middle part of brain) without any conscious thinking. thats why when the news tells you how to think and what to think, they tell you more than once. Because repetition creates perfection in that one idea. In other words, the more they spit out their bullshit to us, and the more we listen over and over again, the less intelligent we are in common sense and making decisions on our own. if you want to be a slave to your own mind, than by all means watch as much tell-a-vision as you want.

I grew up watching it with my sisters and dad all the time every day. But i was able to say "no" and quit the brainwashing. once you consciously take the time to look and see what their actually feeding your brain, you'll say "screw that! I'm out!"

when it comes to the entertainment media industry you have to use common sense and actually see whats being portrayed in advertisements and tv shows and movies.

It's UP to you to Make Those Decisions on your own. (՞ټ՞☝

so ask yourself this

would you rather discuss what you saw on tv with your friends?


 pick up a book or positive subliminal and learn something actually useful

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday, Sep 7th 2017 (THE STORY OF KEVIN BOOK 2!)

WARNING! this story is not for kids!


Quick Recap

When we last left off in BOOK 1, Kevin had
done wayyy too much LSD and woke
up in Antarctica somehow. So he
swam to a Caribbean island

what will kevin do now?

Kevin Needed food, he had no one to talk to on this island he was on. That was until the dolphins took him in and fed him. But only if he gave in to the dolphins needs


kevin eventually learned how to speak in dolphin and would have long discussions with his dolphin friends

Until the dolphins found out that Kevin was a human and kicked him out of their clan 

Kevin felt betrayed once again.


kevin got drunk that night and ran into the woods


He eventually reached a tree.... Kevin was nervous yet slightly aroused. So he got naked

Kevin began touching the tree inappropriately... 

the tree called the police and kevin was soon arrested  and taken into custody for having sex with trees against their will

the police put kevin in jail that night and told him he would be free in the morning 

in the morning Kevin was taken to an insane asylem for the mentally ill. 


But before they could reach the asylum,  Kevin strangled the driver until he died

Kevin, not knowing what to do, sense he just killed someone, ripped his face off and cut off the guards face and switched them to disguise himself.

Kevin then jumped into a nearby river to escape before more cops showed up...

kevin met a bear in the woods and asked for assistance in starting a new life...

The bear offered Kevin a room in his cave If Kevin slept with the bear. 

They had a deal

Eventually Kevin got the bear pregnant and gave birth to half man half bear cubs

This scared kevin because he didn't want to support his bear cubs or bear wife. so he ran away once again from another family


Kevin didn't know what to do now

so he stole a Heliocopter and flew to the middle east

to hide for awhile....

Kevin dug a hole in the sand and buried himself for awhile so he bear family couldn't find him

Made by : Cody Austin Dalla

I will make book 3 when this gets 2000 views

stay tuned for updates  :)


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday, september 3rd 2017 (RUN! FULL MOON IS COMING!)


everyone who knows anything about anything knows that crazy shit always going down during a full moon

and New Moon will be Sep 20th


other than that, the energy/pole shift is out of control right now. there almost no more limitations to people now. As in people are starting to do and say W/E the f*ck they want without thinking of the consequences...

a new world is coming!
a better world..

but first we have to deal with the crappy one
we currently live in :D

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday, august 30th (THE NEW WORLD IS COMING)!

AND WHY THE FUCK,... do days of the week, names and holidays need to be capitalized? who even thought of that? 

sorry that was off topic... back to the point

As the pole shift continues our consciousness will expand more and more over time...

It is our job to allow this new force of energy into our lives slowly but steadily.

you don't need to be crazy spiritual about it, you just have to realize that real changes are coming. And the more aware you are to this universal truth, the more easily your going to accept it and say "OH! so thats why iv been feeling so up and down and all these weird sudden coincidences are happing more and more often"

you may even be seeing 11:11 a lot


you think of something or talk about something and then it shows up in one way or another. very real changes are biologically happening to all humans right now as we speak.

im not gonna tell you that your going through an ascension process cause that sounds too spiritual. which it is. But! some skeptics want to hear the same information in a more "scientific way" because their brains are shut off to new information, unless its scientifically proven


so I'm going to say it this way instead. The earth has an electromagnetic field / humans and everything in existence also have an electromagnetic field

when the earths electromagnetic field grows in size, humans EMF grows in size too...

in other words, we are becoming a new breed of humans

OHHHH skeptics be like WhAt?! thats impossible!

well actually it isn't. you see, there have been many consciousness shifts throughout history. 

how do i know this? someone said it on a website and i believed it.

i don't know how old the earth is. no one does.

scientists, (the word that makes skeptics horny) have made scientific discoveries about how old the earth COULD be... but no one fully knows, because no one thats alive now was there

a meteor hit the earth and pretty much fucked all the dinosaurs up than somehow people just started appearing from monkeys...... ya ok? sure.... and soon after a meteor kills all of us, seagulls will grow fins and become sea animals. 

don't you for once like, use your brain and say "wait a minute! i shouldn't believe everything i hear just because a scientist or study tells me its true. i should think with my own brain"!

i know everything about everything
and need no advice from anyone
because I'm right all the time.

maybe just maybe.... retards, oh sorry, i mean people, need to just open their minds to other possibilities... other than what their told by their parents and the television and fake news 


so ya, that shit is happening right now. so go look it up instead of saying it doesn't work or isn't happening. and actually LOOK IT UP and don't just go to the first page of google and base your ideas on that information. the reason big name sites rank so high is because they use money to be on page one so they can look trustable and valid

the American heart association just told the world that coconut oil was bad for you and there ranked on page one of google even though thats invalid and fats are good for you.

and sense the electromagnetic shift is happening, you will be able to use your higher senses like ESP and fun shit like that.

like oboma says...... CHANGE! CHANGE IS COMING! OMFG CHANGE!

and then no change happens.... but he legalized gay marriage so he must be a good guy right? NOPE!

before i go, ill just say this.... the only difference between boom and trump is that Trump says what he thinks outlaid and does shit behind our backs, and boom smiles a lot and does shit behind our backs. Why do we have presidents again?

now goodbye. keep reading my blog and add me on google plus #I #don't #condone #violence